Duration of Treatment 3 – 4 Weeks

(Note: The duration and treatment schedule may be changed according to the chronicity of illness)

Diabetes is a metabolic kapha type of disorder in which diminished functioning of agni (digestive fire) leads to a tendency toward high blood sugar. To control high blood sugar Ayurveda uses the following herbal medicines to improve the agni and to reduce the excess kapha.

Diet: To reduce kapha, follow the kapha-pacifying diet, especially avoiding excess intake of sweets, carbohydrates, and dairy products. Take more fresh vegetables and bitter herbs.

Yoga Postures: Beneficial yoga postures for diabetic conditions include the Sun Salutation, pranayama etc.


  • Internal Medications: Herbal decoctions, Pills and Choornas
  • Treatment Methods: Body massage, Sirodhara, Medicinal Enema, etc.