Food Philosophy


Dear Guests!

At Cure Monastery we offer freshly prepared vegetarian food during your ayurvedic treatment. The food is meant to be only supportive to the metabolic system of the body undergoing therapy and not meant to extensively nourish or to taste wonderful for the palette.

Ayurvedic food is predominantly based on vegetarian cooking. Therefore we mainly use grains like rice, wheat and millet, locally grown vegetables and fruits for your diet. Personalization may be advised at any point by the physician during the treatment depending on the development or special findings, but always focused to support the treatments.

Our professional, well educated and experienced team has developed a food plan, which balances ‘tridoshas’(The three components that constitute and upholds the body) and will enable the easy detoxification process of your body. The recipes are based on Indian/ Kerala cooking style but with less hot spices or their mixtures.

Eating in meditative mood is very good for the body to absorb and make good of what is being consumed contrary to the normally practiced patterns of prolonged talking and discussions during food time.

People tend to expect consuming fresh fruits when coming to an Asian country owing to their local abundance. But the consumption of all fruits is not very welcome in real Ayurvedic diet for everyone or all the time. They could imbalance your stomach and the digestive fire. We offer daily fruit juice, only if that would be appropriate and will support the treatments.

Hot medicated water and herbal tea will be the preferred beverages during your treatment period.

You may know from other resorts/ treatment centers the way to offer food following your personal ‘dosha’ trait and imbalance. We do not commit to this idea. Remind one always that you are here not to taste rich and tasty Indian/ Kerala cuisine. Extreme cooperation with the dietary pattern that may seem to be so simple, strange and alien shall be observed to attain a healthy stay and better cure at the end.

Bringing any beverages or any other food stuff from outside and consuming them will be hampering the treatments and medications provided. So kindly avoid doing such acts.

Indulge consciously in your Ayurvedic treatment and its benefits! Your body will thank it later!