Obesity / Weight Reduction Package


Duration of Treatment – 4 Weeks

Obesity is a condition in which an individual is significantly overweight, and an excessive amount of body fat has accumulated under the chin and on the breasts, belly, buttocks, and/or thighs. Though it is not a serious disease in itself, it may shorten the span of life, as well as create diminished efficiency and a predisposition to diabetes, hypertension, low libido, and arthritis. Ultimately, obesity reduces happiness.

Causes: A prosperous and idle life, a sedentary job, and lack of exercise are the major contributors to obesity. From an Ayurvedic point of view, the main causes of this condition are eating too much, sitting too much, and doing too little. Obesity is generally a kapha disorder. In obese individuals the gastric fire is strong, but the cellular fires in the tissues are relatively low. Whatever excess food or calories a person consumes are not burned and instead turn into adipose tissue, leading to overweight and obesity.

External Treatments: To burn off excess fat in the body, we recommend medicated bolus massages (dhanya kizhi) / coarse herbal powder massage (udhwarthanam) for several days, following with Kapha reducing medicinal enema. This can be done for a minimum of 4 weeks for better results.

Internal Medicines: The medicines with kapha reducing property which burn out the excess fat in the body may be recommended during the treatment period and later as decoctions, plant juices and powder forms etc.

Diet: In treating obesity, the first step is to control the food and follow the kapha-pacifying diet. According to Ayurveda, the best policy regarding meal, if you are overweight, is to skip breakfast entirely (may be have some hot herbal tea) then take your biggest meal at noon. Supper should be less with some fruits of low calorie. Don’t snack in between.
Plain water or in herbal teas such as ginger, mint or cinnamon are given to drink.

Get Adequate Exercise: Reducing high calorie food intake and increasing burning it out in the form of exercises should also be practiced. A daily brisk walk of at least an hour and some aerobic exercise, jogging etc are good calorie burners.

Life style modification: Drop alcohol and tobacco, listen to music, learn to love yourself, be in the company of slim people and be active with them, don’t sleep during the day time etc. Such life style modification regarding diet, exercise, several yoga postures and follow up medicines may be recommended during the treatment.