Panchakarma or Penta Therapy


Panchakarma or Penta Therapy

‘Panchakarma’ comprises a set of five varied cleansing procedures or ‘shodhanakarma’s, that calls for expertise and experience – ‘Vamanam'(Induced Vomiting), ‘Virechanam’ (Purgation), ‘Vasti’ (Meidicated Enema), ‘Nasyam’ (Nasal administration of medication) and ‘ Raktamoksham’ (Letting of locally stagnant/ impure blood).

This five varied purification therapy aims at correcting the imbalance of bodily humors like vata, pita, kapha in order to maintain their inherent equilibrium in the individual.
Each different treatment has specific indication and potential action on the body.

Panchakarma being a complex process in itself, to get best out of these treatments, Ayurveda prescribes few ‘Poorva Karmas’ (preparatory treatments). ‘Snehanam’ (Oilation) and ‘Swedanam’ (Sudation) are two such preparatory treatments. Snehanam as an internal treatment is by administering medicated oils and ghees, while as an external treatment is done by applying oils externally on the body. Swedanam is externally practiced over the body by many methods that would physically warm up the body and induce sweating.

  • Some of these ‘Poorva Karma’ procedures are at many times used by physicians as individual therapies too to treat several diseases.

Five varied therapies of Panchakarma are

  1. Vamanam: It is a procedure to induce vomiting. This aid in purifying your thorax and head areas of the body, especially the chest.
  2. Virechanam: This is the purgation process for the intestinal tract, which enable purifying your entire body along with the digestive system. This method helps to improve metabolic processes and to get rid of various pitta and skin related problems also.
  3. Vasthi: This is the administration of medicated enema that is a combination of some chosen decoction, herbal pastes, honey, rock salt, oil etc. The aim of this process is to pacify aggravated and very strong vatha conditions in the body.
  4. Nasyam: This procedure is with administration of medication through the nostrils. It’s very beneficial with treating headaches including migraine, cervical spondylitis, facial palsy, sinusitis etc.
  5. Rakthamoksham: This is the systematic removal of blood from any area of the body that tends to show some vitiated raktha element of the body. Have much effect on skin lesions and localized, chronic oedema and inflammation too.

Ayurveda describes Panchakarma Therapy as the best remedy for almost all ailments as it purifies the body from toxic waste deposited in the body due to wrong – food patterns, life styles and habits of the individual at any period in life. These therapies also cure/ checks diseases like paralysis, arthritis, several dermatological problems and mental disorders as well.