Physician, Therapist and Medicine


The genuine Ayurvedic tradition insists on the necessary qualities of the four integral factors that effectuates healing – the patient, physician, medication and the therapist.

Visitor/ Guest/ Patient

The visitor/guest/ patient shall be observant and cooperative with the physician in every respect, grow openness to welcome and embrace the healing capacity of treatments, and maintain a positive attitude of the mind during the period of treatment.


A senior and experienced doctor. The role of physician includes consultation, planning of treatment and communication about the treatment. A full time physician is available to monitor the treatment progress and evaluate the improvement by constant interaction with the patient.


Quality and potency of the medicines – both internal and external, is being assured always. The best available and appropriately chosen ones will be used for various therapies.


The therapists are well experienced and trained efficiently, attentively, responsibly and hygienically. They handle the patients with due sincerity during the treatment.
Together, all these factors will have a rejuvenating effect on the patient enabling a cure and prepare them to go back and resume their activities with a new vivacity.