Rejuvenation Therapy


These will ensure general physical well-being apart from toning up the skin, muscles and nerves.

  1. Pizhichil: It’s a wonderful rejuvenation therapy for improving health and general well-being especially for the arresting the ageing process.
    In this treatment, the patient is laid on a special table made from wood of specific trees known for their medicinal value. Slow stream of warm medicated oil is applied all over the body along with rhythmic massages for a specific span, every day, for duration of three days, five days, seven days or fourteen days.
  2. Kizhi: The whole body is made to perspire by the external application of medicated packs in the form of boluses tied in cloth bags. The packs are made up of Njavara rice (Njavarakizhi) or herbal powders (Choorna Kizhi) or herbal leaves (Elakkizhi). Very effective in relaxing and toning up the nerves and muscles. This is due to their comprehensive effect on the body with the physical and chemical properties elicited by their application.
  3. Shirodhara: Medicated oil is streamed over the forehead and let to flow over the head of the person, thereby aiding vibrations from brain to normalize and relax. This treatment can be working in combination with pizhichil and elakkizhi to make rejuvenating and relaxing effect on the body.