• Sonja Ketema-Backes, Luxembourgy

 “It is not happy people who are thankful, It is thankful people who are happy” A very special week at a very special place, a place to feel the soul…Thank you all for the amazing experience

  • Line Bruzzese – Rizzo, Moselle, France

I’ai passe’ un tr’es bon se’jour ici. Tout le monde est sympatiqve et tre’s attentione’. Tout est bien organise’ pour notre confort

C’est comme une petite bulle color’ee dans un monde qvi va de plus en plus vite…

Des bises a’ tous

  • Raymonda, Cape Town, South Africa

“… everything will be all right in the end. And if it,s not allright, it’s not yet the end..!”

Thanks for everything!




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“NICE EXPERIENCE”,Barrie D South Yunderup We had a group of 5 travelling in Karala and we spent 6 nights at the Cure Monastery. During our stay, we were having 2 treatments per day. Each person was assessed for the appropriate treatment that suited their individual needs. The staff were excellent with the treatments and you were left totally relaxed looking forward to the next bout. The accommodation was very clean and comfortable. All meals were designed to fit in with a healthy way of life. They may not suit all tastes, but you tended to go along with the meals as they were part of the overall health treatments. I do think a longer stay would be more beneficial to your well being and health. All in all our group enjoyed the atmosphere and the countryside surrounding the Monastery. Stayed April 2015, travelled with friends “A place to retreat.”, AjanYogi Community of Madrid, Spain We were a group of 15 people travelling together from Spain and we chose Cure Monastery as a transition as a part of detouring our trip. It´s quite a long journey, but once we got there surprised all of us. What a place to be in quiteness, to retreat from all the city hastes and hurries. The ayurveda massages were…More  “Good hosting”, Ramadaschitur Krakow, Poland Contributor First of all thank you Dr. Rajesh & Fr. Shon for the wonderful stay offered for us. Really we enjoyed the stay and food as well . Its always happy to meet the good hearts you both proved it. And as promised we will come to enjoy Cure monastry. The tree top hut is very good and little maintenance...

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Barbara I was 3 weeks in the cure monastery and I had one of the best time in my life. The nature, people, organisation, rooms, treatments all this was just perfect! so what I really wanted to say is. I was eating everyday ayurvedic food and i was doing the ayurvedic treatment every day. I lost 12 kg in 3 Weeks. It was just unbelievable for me that this can happen in this short...

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